At SAS, we believe that a successful business relationship can only be achieved through good communication based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We will guarantee you professionalism and transparency.

In order to obtain a successful long term business relationship, please read and understand the following terms of agreement.

1) Customers must register and provide accurate personal information (name, address, phone#, etc.) to conduct business with SAS. If there are any changes to your information, please update it. Your personal information will be protected and kept confidential. It will not be released to a third party without your prior written consent, unless required to do so by law.

2) SAS will guarantee to ship your car in the same condition you see it in the photos, with all the options and accessories described. The car will be shipped in the exact condition shown in the photos unless specific modifications and/or additions are agreed upon prior to receipt of payment.

3) All of our cars will be shipped in AS-IS condition. Customers should be aware that there are always risks involved in purchasing a used car. SAS will inspect the car and provide you with accurate information about the unit to minimize those risks. As soon as the car arrives at the destination port, we strongly recommend that all customers take the vehicle in for a quick service/maintenance since the car would have been inactive on a boat for about one month or longer.

4) SAS will do everything possible to ship your car on the earliest available vessel. But, shipping schedules are subject to change by the shipping company. SAS is not liable for any impact on the business transaction caused by uncontrollable factors such as changes in the vessel's schedule, overbooking by shipping company, unavailability of the inspection agency, etc.

5) SAS is not liable for any possible damage, loss, theft, wear and tear, or other occurrences that may happen after the car is loaded on to the vessel. For countries that require pre-shipment inspection (e.g., QISJ, JEVIC, Intertek, EAA, etc.), if the car passes the inspection, it is considered road-worthy for that country. However, customers should be aware that since we are dealing with used cars, there is a possibility that some wear and tear parts will need to be repaired or replaced at the destination. SAS is not liable for the repair or replacement of any wear and tear parts such as shocks, bushes, steering racks, brakes, lights, battery, etc.

6) The buyer is responsible for ALL bank charges including intermediary bank charges. SAS needs to pay a bank fee to our bank in Japan for all incoming TTs. All other bank charges outside of Japan is the buyer’s responsibility. When remitting funds, the buyer needs to state that all bank charges/foreign bank charges will be paid by the remitter.

7) We will send all original documents via DHL after full payment is confirmed, and a tracking number will be provided. SAS is not liable for any delays, fees, or damages incurred as a result of the customer’s late payment.

8) SAS currently does not handle spare parts, accessories, trucks and heavy equipment. In order to provide our customers with quality products and services, we stick to what we know best – used cars!